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Hello, I’m Jayson Knight, a software developer. The projects I’ve worked on have run the full gamut, though my specialty lies mainly in the .Net platform and web application design and development (ASP.NET/MVC/WebAPI) with the majority of my work being done in corporate information technology (IT) departments for medium to large companies. I specialize in the Agile/Scrum methodology for writing software. Most recently I've moved on to product engineering/API design in the healthcare vertical industry after relocating to beautiful Kentucky a few years ago. I'm currently a lead software engineer for a company that builds hardware/software/API's for devices that allow clinicians to remotely monitor patients from anywhere there is an internet connection.

I’m as passionate about music as I am about technology…so most of my spare time goes into either listening to music, playing drums, or (soon to be) getting into some production work of my own which is my ultimate dream. In what free time is left over after all of the above, I am the proud owner of a Weimaraner named Faust and have 2 wonderful little boys.

I’m also an avid skiier and tennis player when time permits, which unfortunately is never as much as I’d like. I play drums, and beat on anything that can provide a ryhthm. When I'm not hitting fuzzy yellow balls, or playing ryhthms, you can find me hurtling myself down hills on various devices: Skis, mountain bikes...whatever I can find to go down a hill quickly.

When all the above fails, you can find me curled up next to a warm compiler, writing code, and trying to make the internet that much more enticing, one line of code at a time, because you never know when that one line of code will change everything. I seek perfection...or at the very least, knowing that the code I write is an extension of my thoughts. Sometimes I dream in binary, and am happy to hammer out 1's and 0's to make the internet that much better.